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Become a sales expert

Do you want to become a better salesman? Consciously build your reputation in the market and see the results of your own work? You've come to the right place!

mężczyzna w białej koszuli z założonymi rękoma
mężczyzna w koszuli z rękoma założonymi na biodra
About me

Winter swimmer, engineer, and salesperson above all!

I draw from my personal experiences, real-life stories, and customer interactions. My guiding principle is that 'Sales is simple, though not always easy, with the right approach, it yields satisfaction, joy, and substantial income''.
More about me

Develop your sales department with me

Get to know my experience in sales and technologies.

Sales training and workshops

Workshops and training sessions for sales representatives, managers, and sales engineers.

Technological consulting

Expert advice, technical project management, Industry 4.0 solution implementations.

Business consulting

Sales consultancy: support in strategy planning, analysis of sales processes and activities, sales management.

why me

Proven knowledge and solutions

Engineering knowledge and practice, industrial implementations, comprehensive management of technical projects.
ikona otwartej książki

Solid knowledge

Engineering knowledge applied in practice.

ikona nożyczek

Precision of solutions

Solutions tailored to expectations.

ikona ukazująca wzrost

Continuous growth

Built technical competencies: automation, measurement techniques, digital technologies.

ikona strzały wbitej w tarczę

Achieved goals

Implemented technical projects and documented sales successes.

ikona ukazująca doświadczenie


Since 2009 in the technical market, from vacuum technology to AI solutions.

ikona narzędzia klucza płaskiego

Practical approach

Sales and engineering experience forged in the heat of battle, from failures to successes.

Collaboration process

How does it work?

I start with an open conversation, aiming to understand your needs in order to tailor the right offer and scope of activities.
mężczyzna trzymający długopis przed stertą karteczek samoprzylepnych

Needs diagnosis

I conduct an assessment of the current situation. Initially, I determine the area that interests you. For example, strengthening specific sales skills such as "reading" the client or building relationships.

Designing solutions

This plan may include training for staff, analysis of business processes, and implementation of specific actions aimed at increasing sales effectiveness.

Process implementation

As part of these activities, I share my experience, imparting practical knowledge and providing the necessary tools for effective operation in the market.

Action verification

I monitor progress, assess the effectiveness of implemented solutions, and identify areas requiring attention or correction.

Contact me today and start achieving success together!

"Sales are simple, though not always easy''.


Check out what my clients are saying about me.

"Mr. Krystian Michalak conducted sales workshops for our sales engineers. The training was very well prepared in terms of content and highly rated and received by the participants and management. Thanks to it, the potential and competencies of the salespeople significantly increased, including in areas such as communication with the customer, engagement in customer service, and sales effectiveness. We recommend Mr. Michalak as an inspiring, reliable, and experienced sales and strategy trainer''.
logo bosh rexroth

Bosch Rexroth

"Mr. Krystian Michalak supported PACE Poland in executing various technical projects. We collaborated on developing sales strategies and activities targeted at our key audience, and together, we conducted an educational workshop on our technologies. Mr. Krystian proved to be exceptionally competent and experienced. We wholeheartedly recommend his services''.
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Dariusz Nowak

PACE Poland

Partners I cooperate with

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logo pace poland
grundfos logo on a blue background
the logo for bruker
the logo for a bosch company
logo pace poland
grundfos logo on a blue background
the logo for bruker
the logo for a bosch company
logo pace poland
grundfos logo on a blue background
the logo for bruker
the logo for a bosch company